Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

At Jonesville Eye Care, we are committed to improving each patient’s life experiences by helping them achieve optimized visual performance. To that end, we are ensuring that our entire community reaches peak ocular health and are focused on living every day by these guiding principles:

Commitment: We are committed to working in service to that which is bigger than ourselves—our families, our patients, our communities.

Continuous Growth: We defy mediocrity. We strive for excellence. We invite positive change so we can support each other to be our best selves and commit to helping others do the same.

Do it Right: We lead from within; our commitment to helping ourselves and others succeed is why we strive to always do it right the first time.

Perseverance: We face each challenge with realistic optimism. We embrace failure as feedback and learn from mistakes. We seek the best outcome for living authentically each day no matter what life throws our way.

Teamwork: Each of us brings determination, fortitude, and appreciation to our team. We pick each other up when we fall. We push each other to support our communities big and small. We live in gratitude, appreciation, and respect, giving more than we receive.

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